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Communication Badge - Online (Eagle Required)

Communication Badge - Online (Eagle Required)

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Scouts learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information while working on the Communication badge. They share stories and information, participate in an interview, attend a public meeting, and plan a Court of Honor or campfire program. They also explore careers in the field of communication.

The Communication badge is required for the rank of Eagle Scout

Scouts learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information while working on the Communication badge.

About this Event

Interactive Online Badges are Open to ALL Scouts in ANY Council. We also welcome youth 11-17 interested in Scouting to join a class. This class is taught with a LIVE instructor and the class is interactive.

Ensure you have communicated with your Scoutmaster or Unit Leader prior to attending this and all other Badge Classes regarding your intent to complete the Badge.

Please read the description before registering.

The EPIC Difference:

  • Classes taught by registered Badge Counselors who are experts in their field
  • All Epic Badge Counselors have current YPT Certification
  • Dedicated support team to provide prompt answers before, during and after your class
  • Class sizes are limited to 20 scouts to support an engaging and interactive learning environment, and to allow each Scout the opportunity to demonstrate completion of EACH requirement


#2a - Write a short autobiography

#3 - Write a 5-minute speech. Prepare to give the speech during class.

#5 - Attend a (VIRTUAL) public meeting. Bring your report to share during class. You are pre-approved by the counselor. There are many recorded options online. You may choose any recorded or live public meeting. You just need to watch enough to complete the requirement.

Here is an example:

#7c - Produce newsletter, brochure, or flier. Bring it to class.

We will cover the following requirements during class: #1d, #2a, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7c, #8, and #9

Class Preparation

Scouts are expected to come prepared with answers to requirements to the best of their ability.

  • A Positive Scouting Focus and Attitude!
  • You will need a laptop or desktop computer, high-speed internet access, a web camera, and a microphone to participate in the live online class.
  • A day prior to class, we will send a ZOOM link to the email address you registered with. This email will come from
  • Test ZOOM at least one day prior to class.
  • Log-in 10 minutes before your scheduled class time. Classes start on time.
  • Class A Uniform is requested to be worn during this Online Badge Class.
  • Bring supporting documentation of project work pertinent to this merit badge which may also include a Badge Workbook for reference with notes.
  • The Badge pamphlet is full of useful information and will help you successfully complete the requirements. It provides solutions and gives direction on where to find the answers to earn this Badge. If you are unable to get a pamphlet, you may also use online and other resources to complete the requirements where appropriate.
  • It is unacceptable to come unprepared. You may use a Badge Workbook as a learning aid to help you prepare. Scouts are NOT required to use this learning aid in order to complete the badge.
  • We will email you a digital Blue Card once you successfully complete all requirements. However, a Blue Card is not COMPLETE until your Unit Leader signs it. We recommend receiving approval to take the course. Once we send you the Blue Card pass it to your Unit Leader for final signatures - digital or ink? That is up to your Unit Leader.
  • If you do not complete all of your requirements you will be given an incomplete or "partial" Blue Card and have until before your 18th birthday to complete any requirements. We highly recommend you complete the requirements sooner than later. We will support you until your requirements are complete. This part is the responsibility of the Scout.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Highly Recommended: Engaging class led by a professional instructor

Epic Badges never disappoints. They exceed your expectations for an online merit badge. In fact, having worked from a time zone in which the class time for me was 3~6am, I was both impressed and surprised in retrospect by how I never felt drowsy, thanks to the level of class engagement. The instructor, Mr. Alim Shabazz, was very professional, thoughtful, and successfully created a safe space for everyone to voice themselves. Having partaken in Epic Badges sessions twice hitherto, I am confident that every one of their classes is and will be as beneficial and enjoyable as the Communication MB.

Fantastic class

This class was extremely well organized and run. My son thoroughly enjoyed this class and I highly recommend it.

Amazing Instructors

This was our second MB class with this group. The instructor Alim, was kind, patient and made sure it was a safe place foe all scouts. Come prepared for the class and the scouts do learn a lot. Very interactive and everyone has plenty of chances to participate. Looking forward to more classes.

Kary Thompson
Fantastic Merit Badge Counselor

This was by far the most well run virtual merit badge class my son has completed this summer. Alim, the merit badge counselor, ran an excellent session, keeping all scouts engaged and contributing to the discussion. A+ experience!

Helpful, Engaging Class

The counselor made the class very fun, helpful, and engaging. He gave everyone time to present their prerequisties to the class and was very patient. He kept the whole class engaged and participating. 5 stars!

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