Scouting Handbook for Parents - How To Help Your Scout at Home! FREE

Scouting Handbook for Parents gives you the simplest way to support your Scouts journey without struggling with scouting requirements!


Scouting Handbook for Parents - How To Help Your Scout at Home is FREE to all Scout Parents!

Scout parents, do you have questions about how to help your Scout at Home?

During this FREE online event, we will "De-Mystify" the rank requirement process and provide you step by step guidance on how to support your scout while at home and beyond.

You are invited to join Assistant Scoutmaster Shabazz for a 1-hour virtual meeting for scouting parents. He will be sharing his 30 years of scouting knowledge and experience as an Eagle Scout to answer all your questions related to helping your scout at home with rank requirements. This class is FREE for all Scout parents.

You will learn the following and more:

  • Rank requirements: What are they and how to complete them?

  • Scoutmaster conference: What is it and how to prepare?

  • Board of review: What is it and how to prepare?

  • How soon before my scout may advance to the next rank?

  • Scouting skills vs. scouting leadership

  • Leadership positions: What is the difference between leadership positions and which ones are needed for rank advancement?

  • Merit badges: What merit badges should my scout be working on for their rank? Which merit badges are needed for rank advancement?

Please read the following before registering.

  • This class is limited to 20 parents and will be held ONLINE via You will receive an email confirmation with the class log-in info.

  • You will need a laptop or desktop computer, high-speed internet access, a web camera, and a microphone to participate in the online course.

  • Classes are taught online via (download here)

  • If you are new to using ZOOM please CLICK HERE for instructions & tutorials

  • During the event, we will be referencing the official Scouts BSA Rank Requirements available to download HERE

Meeting Instructions

  1. You will be sent a Meeting ID and Password to the email address you register with.

  2. Test ZOOM at least one day prior to class.

  3. On the class day log-in at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Maria Toro
Nice recap of important info

I am from a CT troop. I loved the review. I learned a few things from a new cat, Mr Shabazz. He is very knowledgeable and understanding. I will suggest the other parents to take this information session. It goes from joining through Eagle. Loved it.

Rose C
Should be required for all Scout parents.

Shabazz is great. I've been involved with Scouting for a number of years and I still gained some new knowledge. I highly recommend this for any parent.

Tess W.
Scout Secrets for Parents is a Amazing

The fact that this training was free I wasn't sure what to expect. But I can say that even if I paid $100 it would have been well worth it. Scoutmaster Shabazz gets to point and really pulls back the curtain on many myths and misunderstandings that many Scouter parents have, that are really just irrational fears. He was very thorough and the training actual went for 90 minutes. When he asked if anyone needed to leave out of respect for time, all 20 attendees stayed on. LOL. I highly recommend this training to any parent who is looking to support their scout and have them stayed engaged through the Eagle rank. Great job.

Jennifer C.
Best Training for Scout Parents

This training with Scoutmaster Shabazz was AMAZING.It answered so many of the questions I had about how the scouting method works and how I can best help my scout. What was so great is that the secrets that he shared are actually useful for all ranks and during any times. I feel more empowered to talk to the adult leaders in my troop now that I had many myths explained on to support my scout. #scoutmom